Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Which unique feat connects these cricketers...

Person in pic1 is Oz and not Sir Don Bradman.
Pic2 is of a West Indian Cricketer.

Arthur Chipperfield, Robert Christiani and Asim Kamal are the only batsman to score 99 on test debut
Cracked by Padhy, ashwini_nit


PADHY said...

1st pic is Chipperfield and third is Asim Kamal
Don't know the middle one...
Guess they all scored 99 on debut.

raghu said...

kamal totally looks like he became out on 99 :P

ashwini_nit said...

a) Arthur Chipperfield b) Robert Christiani
c) Asim Kamal
all made their 99runs debut