Thursday, May 7, 2009


The first monthly extra week's worth of goodies....... :-)

1> Give the phrase connecting the pictures

2> A connection most guys would appreciate......;)

3> Recreating Fantasies O.O.....Connect the Clues



4> What have these four sportsmen previously achieved, that has been in the news this year?

5> Name the family.......(Sitter)

6 > Give a term coined after an infamous cricket incident, using the pictures.
(Clue : Damitt!, leave Ms. Peru Alone >.<)

7> Connect these people to popular culture.

Bonus : Explain how they are related to this popular cultural icon.

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etymofreak said...

1. Seeing pink elephants in allusion to drunken hallucinations coined by Jack London.

2. Naked for a cause :P
Lady Godiva
Pam Anderson
Kristen Bell

3. Jules Verne
i) Journey to the center of the earth. pic 1 is of vatnajokull where the vessel entered the core and the 2nd pic is of stromboli where it came out.
ii) Around the world in 80 days
iii) HMS Nautilus. 20000 leagues under the sea.

4. Forgot :(

5. Von Trapp Children

6. The Cameraman Incident
Joe Previtera was an Australian Channel 9 cameraman who is infamous in a widely reported cricket incident in 1999 where a special effects microphone picked up someone saying "Can't bowl, can't throw" (can't catch), just after Scott Muller misfielded a ball in the Hobart test match between Australia and Pakistan. It was alleged to be Shane Warne at first.

7. Characters in LOST were named after them?