Monday, May 4, 2009


very famous actress, who acted in cult classics in her childhood.

Id this centenarian who died about an year ago, and is famous for the synthesis of a very famous drug.

early sketches of which fictional creature.

hint: May the 4th be with you.

1. Jodie Foster in Taxi Driver, the main reason why Hinckley attempted to assassinate Reagan in 1981.
2. Albert Hofmann synthesized LSD first.
3. Ewoks from Star Wars.. May the 4th be with you was the clue. May 4th is celebrated as Star Wars Day as a parody of May the Force be with you.


Parit said...

.actress is drew barrymore
...creature looks close to white rabbit from alice in the wonderland but sure its not that

raghu said...

aah, so where does may the 4th be with you come in?

etymofreak said...

1. Drew Barrymore of course
2. ??
3. Yoda??