Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yeah. even i like ads :P

click on the pics for a detailed view

the absolut campaign for which city? [lottt of giveaways in the pic]

id the ad..

okay this is an interesting one, id.

the one with an optical illusion :P, again id

my personal favorite, id the company and the campaign :D

1. Mumbai
2. Berger Paints.. this ad campaign shows how natural the Berger colors are, but twas actually copied from...

3. Coca Cola, now the interesting bit, this ad was criticized a lot cos it says blue is cooler, and blue is Pepsi, so Cola was basically telling Pepsi was cooler.
4. Sony Bravia
5. Mtv Brasil, For world Aids Day. The tag line was "Long live rock n' roll. Always use condoms."


Parit said...

1. Venice
2. Berger paints
3. Coca Cola maybe...
4. Sony Bravia
5. MTV AIDS Awareness campaign

Partha Pratim said...

2.Berger paints
5.MTV Aids campaign

etymofreak said...

1. Aamchi Mumbai
2. Berger Paints
3. Coca Cola??
5. MTV Youth Aids awareness campaign in Brazil