Sunday, April 19, 2009

Let's Do Some Doodling

1. Simple. Id this painter, one of the most influential of the 20th century.
Hint: Notting Hill fans shud have it easy.

2.Dots and more dots. Whose bday is being commemorated?

3. Jus Id the character.

4. He is one of the greatest scientists of all times. Id
Hint: Look at the pic carefully:P

5. Id this avant-garde painter, director, author and celebrity?


raghu said...

1. Marc Chagall, the woman floating painting is there in the movie.
2. Lois Braille
3. Dilbert
4. Looks like SOS, so ill say Morse
5. No idea

Parit said...

1. Marc Chagall
2. Loius Braille
3. Dilbert
4. Charles Darwin
5. Andy Warhol

etymofreak said...

Kudos Parit. He knos his doodles. All Correct