Tuesday, April 21, 2009


1) Connect the above 4 pics to a person...road network in pic1 is not important..
and u have surely seen the building 2 but from a different angle

1) Connect above 4 pics to a person...pic 1 is a giveaway


raghu said...


raghu said...

tharoor is fighting elections from thiruvananthapuram and 2nd pic is of un 3rd 4th no clue :P

raghu said...

on googling last pic is of the great indian novel by tharoor

n 3rd pic
On 24 March 2009, Tharoor was in legal trouble over using hand-over-heart vs. Indian form of showing respect to the Indian Flag, and for urging others to follow his leading vs. following the laws of India. The allegations, however, have been contested not only by Tharoor, but also by live video evidence and the hosts of the event.
from wiki

Shishir said...

1)Shashi Tharoor
-contesting elections from thiruvananthapuram
-UN secreteriat building,Tharoor worked as a diplomat in UN
-Hand over heart posture controversy
-His best-selling novel titled The Great Indian Novel

2)Roger Federer
-Swiss national
-Red clay used in Roland Garros,the only grand slam he has not won
-Laureus sports awards...he won sportsman of the year for 4 consecutive years
-Potrait of raphael,one of the masters of renaissance period artists,namesake Rafael Nadal,Federer's rival

PS: i never know the all the info on shashi tharoor was conveniently available on the same page in wikipedia....will chack from next time onwards :)

etymofreak said...

Shashi Tharoor
1. Trivandrum, from where he is the congress candidate
2. UN Headquarters
3. No clue
4. The Great Indian Novel

etymofreak said...

Roger Federer
1. Switzerland Flag
2. Clay used in Roland Garros, which he hasn won so far
3. Laureus Sports Awards, he has won it four times, the maximum ever
4. Raphael??